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July 10, 2008 12:00 PM

Brett Favre Calls Hotel, Takes Aaron Rodgers' Room

Aaron Rodgers was planning to start his much anticipated vacation today, at the Atlantis resort, in the Bahamas. Interestingly enough, Brett Favre had just ended his vacation with his family at the same resort. Small world, right?

Unfortunately for Rodgers, after leaving the hotel, Favre called back, and told the manager that he was considering going back on vacation and would like his room back.

Rodgers, being the professional vacationer that he is, tried to take everything in stride, saying, "I was really looking forward for his chance to be on vacation, but I understand that the staff at the resort really liked Brett," adding that if Favre did in fact come back, he would just try to learn as much about vacationing as possible while Favre was around.

Favre also decided that he wanted Rodgers' dinner reservations and rental car.

Rodgers was giving an interview and told the media, "It's hard to be mad at a guy like that. You can just tell how much he loves to vacation. He really looks like a kid out there, making sand castles and getting in splash fights with his kids."

Favre, wearing Rodgers' bathrobe, then strolled past and took his pina colada.

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