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July 10, 2008 4:00 PM

Come On, Ladies! Step It Up!

It's July 10th - do you know where your 50-year old jazzercising mother is? There's a very good chance she might be in New Orleans, for Très Jazz. That's the Jazzercise International Convention, of course.

The four-day event features yoga, pilates, hip-hop classes, "along with traditional Jazzercise classes taught by Judi Sheppard Missett [the founder of jazzercise], Shanna Missett Nelson, members of the Jazzercise Taping Team, and other special guests." Moreover, "you’ll have four days to dance, shop and play."

One (overly) enthused past-attendee said, "It was amazing to be in a huge room dancing among 300 Jazzercisers who all knew all of the steps to every song - so bonding and thrilling!" Um, sure.

It looks like registration is still open: a four-day pass will set you back just $389.

And shame on you for thinking this is a weekend strictly for wives and girlfriends. Why, there's even a thread on the message board entitled "Hubbies at Convention" (yep, there's a message board). JazrGuy says, "I look forward to meeting some other Jazzercise husbands. I'll be attending with my wife, as we Jazzercise together at home."

So if you're looking for "Thousands of fitness enthusiasts from 47 states and 11 countries working out simultaneously in more than 70 classes to upbeat, popular music," you know where to be this weekend.

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