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July 31, 2008 8:30 PM

Do We Need Six More Hours Of SportsCenter?

In late June ESPN announced that they will be airing six hours of SportsCenter live starting at 9am ET on August 11th -- although I'm sure you are aware of this since they have promos featuring Steve and a giant countdown clock every commercial break.

Here's a promo NOT featuring Steve:

Josh Elliott: ...Making ESPN the place to be for breaking news throughout the day. Hannah Storm: That’s right because sports news happens 24/7 now. So the time has definitely come for SportsCenter to be live every single morning.

Hey Hannah, sports news has ALWAYS happened 24/7. Just because we didn't have live updates doesn't mean it didn't happen. Is that a tree I hear falling? Not to mention that we HAVE had live updates for years now.

And as far as ESPN being "the place to be for breaking news throughout the day"? Isn't that what ESPNEWS is for? ESPNEWS is essentially SportsCenter 24 hours a day. They break all the news, and if it's significant enough, ESPN will interrupt their broadcasting. What is six more hours of SportsCenter going to bring to the table? More "Who's Now"? More "Titletown USA"? At first I thought this might be a cost-cutting measure because live TV is pretty cheap, especially since they will use the exact same clips for each hour block, but currently they just run re-runs of the night SportsCenter during those time slots. So, they're not saving any money with this move. Aside from stirring up some interest and publicity for ESPN, I don't understand the point.

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