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July 18, 2008 9:30 AM

Dwight Howard Chooses Option C

Dante Marchitelli and George Galante are media talent with the Orlando Magic. They kind of do it all. They are the play-by-play/analysts of summer league games, they do sideline reports, a weekly wrap-up, and they have their own show. They have become an internet sensation with their approach to announcing summer league games. Basically, since no one cares about the game, they talk about anything and everything, including blatantly making fun of players -- for example, “Aaron Gray makes a slow, awkward move. Not surprisingly, it’s rejected.”

Recently they interviewed Dwight Howard and of course, it was hilarious. They decided to play a game called "Would You Rather" in which you decide between two horrible scenarios.

Galante: Would you rather have your nipple ring yanked out… Donte: Mmm, no. Which one, the left or the right one? Galante: The left one. OR, would you rather have to lift 20 lbs with a nose ring. Howard: I would rather have my nipple played with, I mean, uh... Galante: I don’t remember that being an option.

You can watch the whole interview from their website.

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