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July 1, 2008 12:00 PM

ESPN Can Make Me Sick

This is just the most recent example. In the Top 10 Plays on Monday night's SportsCenter, the number eight highlight was from Wipeout, which can be seen on ABC!


Wipeout is a game show, it is not a sport. Yes, it has people doing active things on it, but they don't put the immunity challenges from Survivor on the top-10. It is only because it is on ABC (Disney owns both ESPN and ABC). What is their next move? No. 6 is Final Jeopardy? No. 4 is a funny joke from According to Jim? No. 1 is everyone from LOST finally getting rescued?

SportsCenter has made some improvements in the last several months, showing more highlights, and having less gimmicky garbage. But now they've decided that they need to work-in more cross promotion with ABC, by putting moments from TV shows in the top-10. I disapprove.

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