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July 24, 2008 1:00 PM

Even Worse Than The Red Sox

I'm sick of seeing all those Lotte Giants hats - you know those people are just jumping on the bandwagon. I'm just waiting for the pink Lotte Giants hats to sweep over Korea and annoy real baseball fans.

I'm talking about the Lotte Giants of the Korean League, who draw comparisons to the Boston Red Sox in that they had way too many players named to an All-Star team. They just had NINE players selected, but, at least the Red Sox are good. The Giants are in fourth place, 13 games back of first. Oh, and it gets even more absurd, as The Korea Times reports:

The East's only starter who isn't from the Giants is the Bears' Lee Jong-wook, who will take one of three outfield spots because the second-leading vote-getter among outfielders, Jung Soo-keun of the Giants, is suspension indefinitely.

So, they would have had the entire starting lineup. The only thing that is legit about this All-Star game is that Jason Varitek isn't in it.

Can I really get mad at a team with a logo as cute as that?

(H/T: Big League Stew)

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