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July 31, 2008 2:45 PM

Is Peter King Cheating On Brett Favre?

While Brett Favre is toiling away in Mississippi, his best friend boyfriend shoulder to cry on guy who has had a crazy man-crush on him for years might be falling out of love obsession. Peter King may have found himself a new favorite QB. Most people would pick Tom Brady. He has been on the cover of GQ, is a three-time Super Bowl Champion, and is dating Gisele. But, King likes the humble homegrown guys. That new twinkle in Peter King's eye is for Redskins QB Jason Campbell.

It was Official Redskins blogger Matt Teri who first caught Peter King testing the waters. Teri interviewed King who said, "Jason Campbell had one of the best camp practices I’ve ever seen a quarterback have."

He continued to sing Campbell's praises in his Postcard From Redskins Camp:

What a display of deft downfield touch and accuracy. Now, this comes with no one hitting him, obviously. But Campbell had a superb practice, and when I asked him about it, he was totally matter-of-fact. "That's how I have to play every day,'' he said.

If only he had added, “I was just havin' fun out there. Just slingin' it all over the field. Gotta go get changed into my Wranglers now.” King would have been in heaven. Even still, King was not done praising Campbell (looks like someone wants some attention from Favre). From his MMQB column:
I think I am smitten with Jason Campbell. The guy’s going to be good. Maybe really good. He’s sure of himself, throws a nice, soft spiral downfield — harder when he has to — and is more confident and self-assured than anyone learning an eighth offensive system in his last nine years of football has the right to be.

But, later, King may have said too much, revealing his real reason behind all the Campbell praise:

Campbell is impressing with his accuracy. The Zorn Administration already is wowed by the fact that the fourth-year quarterback from Auburn left the facility for about five minutes all offseason -- and when he did, it was to fish on Brett Favre's property in Mississippi.

So there it is. He's just using Campbell to get to Favre. It's the classic tactic of flirting with the best friend to make the significant other jealous. But, will Favre console King, or will he further push him into the arms of another QB? Stay tuned for more As The Favre Turns.

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