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July 22, 2008 12:30 PM

Jeremy Shockey To Saints...It's A Trap!

Jeremy Shockey is coming to help New Orleans. The 4-time pro bowler is sure to help the Saints already potent offense. In Shockey, New Orleans gets a big target for Drew Brees and the Saints to go along with Marques Colston, Deuce McAllister, and Reggie Bush. Shockey should fit in nicely with the team and cause no problems...


By God, Admril Ackbar is right. Shockey is a clubhouse cancer and a party machine. It will be about 4 weeks (into preseason) until he declares his coach an idiot, goes out to Bourbon Street, drinks 15 hurricanes and punches a police horse. As Ackbar would say, "he can't resist partying of that magnitude."

And trust me, Ackbar knows his traps.

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