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July 30, 2008 4:00 PM

Maybe It's OK This Is Baseball's Last Time In the Olympics

I was surprised, and somewhat angered, in 2005 when the IOC voted and determined that baseball's run in the Olympics, one that began in 1988, should come to an end. If you didn't know, the 2008 Games in Beijing could very well be the final appearance for baseball (and softball, but, meh - it's softball). And that might actually be a good thing, when you consider a new twist in the rules.

Each team's at-bat in the 11th inning and beyond will begin with runners on first and second bases. Teams may start the 11th at any point in their batting order... For example, a team that opts to lead off with its No. 3 hitter would begin with its No. 1 batter on second base and its No. 2 hitter on first with no outs.

I half expected ghost-runners to be involved in there.

Somewhere, Bud Selig nods in approval.

(H/T: Fan IQ)

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