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July 17, 2008 6:00 AM

Obstructed Justice

Your job is a grind. You sit in a cubicle where a big analog clock hangs on your wall. And you stare at it. And continue -- and continue -- to stare at it as every. painful. second. ticks. by.

But you're a Colts fan, and it's Sunday! This week was your lucky week. You won a radio contest and scored tickets to brand new state-of-the-art Lucas Oil Stadium. And today is the big day. You missed your chance to get a free tour of the facility in the off-season, but today you cash in on a bigger prize.

You're going to the game! You're ready and you've prepared yourself. Your face is painted. The cooler is filled with ice-cold deliciousness. The Manning jersey you're wearing arrived at your door yesterday. You get in your car. Drive to the stadium. Find a nice parking spot. Drink your deliciousness. Trek to and through the gate. And hike up the ramp while carrying a big goofy grin that wraps around your head. Then you get to your seats...



From the Indianapolis Star:

If you're on the aisle, it appears you will have the ability to lean to the left or right -- the way Peyton does when he calls an audible, to see around the post.

But if you're in the middle, chances are your elbows will be in your neighbor's popcorn if you try to lean too much.

So if you're going to sit in the aisle, who exactly will sit in the middle seats?

"Hey Honey... bring a book."

(The Slanch Report)

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