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July 2, 2008 1:00 PM

Sit Chiefs Fans, Sit. Good Fans.

Arrowhead Stadium is known for its huge home field advantage for the Chiefs. Sports Illustrated even called it the toughest place for an NFL opponent to play:
When the Chiefs are having a bad season, they're tough to beat at Arrowhead. When they're having a good season, they're unbeatable. With the scent of barbecue in the air and a sea of red in the stands, Kansas City is the best football atmosphere in the country. The Chiefs were a flawed team in 2005 but still managed to win seven of eight home games.
But that home field advantage may now be in jeopardy because of the Chiefs' new fan code of conduct. Second on the list? No standing. No standing at a football game! Obviously, there is no way this can be enforced...wait, what's that?

From ProFootballTalk:

The Chiefs also have set up a text-messaging system that allows fans who might be offended by behaviors like standing to report the situation to the powers-that-be.
Can there also be a text-messaging system where people can tattle on those that tattle, so the original tattlers (who don't understand how to enjoy sporting events) get ridiculed and shamed into standing themselves?

LOL, omg u r so busted!!!

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