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July 25, 2008 4:00 PM

This Is Getting Ridiculous

First, there was Brandon Jennings heading to Europe, but that looked to be an isolated act. However, now that Josh Childress has signed in Greece, European teams are reaching out more and more to average NBA players.

The first rumor after Childress was that Rocket Carl Landry was considering going to Europe, but that appears unlikely.

Since then:

- Delonte West to Dynamo Moscow is possible.

- Sasha Vujachic is prepared to go to Europe if he doesn't get an offer he likes from the Lakers.

- Andris Biedrins was drawing interest from Russian clubs.

The likelihood is that most of these guys are playing up how seriously they are considering European offers as a way to get increased NBA contracts, which isn't a bad idea. I imagine we will see one or two more players head to Europe this off-season, but I don't believe it will ever be a major option for most NBA guys. But as a way to extend their careers?

Jason Kidd — who’s a free agent next summer — spoke on going overseas:

“In the next four or five years, could I end up playing over there? Hey, why wouldn’t I play in Italy or somewhere? That might be a great experience. It’s a legitimate option now with Childress going over there.”

Kidd is speaking about years in the future, at which point would be a Beckham-to-the-MLS type move, if Kidd was serious.

And why not? Getting paid millions to go live in Italy after you are essentially retired sounds like a great time.

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