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July 22, 2008 5:00 AM

"You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns"

Tiger Woods is still recovering from ACL surgery. Greg Norman couldn't pull it out at the British Open. Where is all the drama in golf? Apparently, it's all at the Auburn Golf Course in Washington:

Nicholas Shampine, 33, of Puyallup has been charged with second-degree assault for hitting another golfer in the head with his 6-iron during an argument at Auburn Golf Course

It's like Happy Gilmore!

The victim, James Compton, 45, of Puyallup suffered a broken cheekbone, skull fracture and a subdural hematoma. He was hospitalized in serious condition and is now of intensive care.

Only not funny! Apparently, Compton's foursome was upset at Shampine's foursome for playing too slow. Shampine accused Compton's group of yelling during the back swing of one of the members of Shampine's group.The tension escalated and led to verbal abuse, then some pushing and shoving and then BAM. A 6-iron to the head. Shampine was arrested and was remorseful about his actions:

"It was a real stupid mistake...I wish I could change things and take it all back. I feel really bad for the guy and the guy's family. I'm very glad he made it through. Nobody deserves to die from it, or have long-lasting injuries from it."

Hey, so the guy made a mistake...a really big mistake, but at least he's apologized, although his brother Greg wasn't ready to go quite as far:

"The guy didn't deserve to be put in the hospital and didn't deserve to almost be killed...But he did deserve to get his (behind) kicked because he was asking for it. It was not as one-sided of an assault as it's been made to sound ... You mess with the bull, you get the horns."

Hey Greg, if you want to try and act tough you probably shouldn't be quoting The Breakfast Club.

Nicholas Shampine will likely face 3-9 months in prison for his actions.

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