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August 11, 2008 4:00 PM

Chicago: Where Receivers Go To Die

Or so says wide-receiver Muhsin Muhammad. The Carolina Panther, who spent the past three seasons with the Bears, was quoted bad-mouthing the Chicago passing offense, or lack thereof, in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

"That's right. It's where receivers go to die.''

You can't really blame him, though. During his three years in Chicago, Muhammad averaged 54 receptions and 4 touchdowns, hardly impressive numbers for a No. 1 wideout (to compare, he finished with 93 catches and 16 TD's in his last season with Carolina).

Muhammad wasn't done firing criticisms at the Chicago offense, either.

Speaking of Muhammad, he had this to say about the state of the Chicago quarterback situation: "In the time Brett Favre has started for the Packers -- what's it been, 16 years? -- I bet the Bears have had 16 different starting quarterbacks. You've got to find the right guy and stick with him.''

Sixteen is low, actually. The Bears have had an NFL-high 21 starting quarterbacks while their neighbors to the north have had one.

All these problems at quarterback for the Bears, and it's still Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman battling it out in camp. 2008 could be another long year for Bears fans.

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