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August 1, 2008 1:00 PM

Dining At The Olympics Is...Interesting

Fair warning: the subject matter of this post comes from an article titled, "The day I ate penis for lunch." Proceed if you wish.

Garry Linnell is a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, an Australian newspaper, and apparently his main assignment while covering the Olympics in Beijing is eating different types of animal penis.

Welcome to Guolizhuang, a Beijing restaurant specialising in animal penises and testicles.

But now main course has arrived and it's far more confronting. The raw penises of four animals - ox, sheep, deer and donkey - lie limply on a plate as our waitress stirs a hot pot bubbling away on a portable stove in our private room.

Into this boiling stock go the penises. A few minutes later the first is hanging from my quivering chopsticks. Ox penis, says the waitress, is full of protein, good for the skin and aids longevity. And the deeper its colour, the more effective its properties.

Down the hatch it goes. The first thing you notice is the blandness. It's fatty, slightly chewy and awkward to swallow. The next piece is dipped in chilli sauce and there is an immediate improvement, but it still fails to blanket the growing queasiness in the pit of your stomach.

Next: Sheep's penis. A flabby little thing taken from a breed of Inner Mongolian sheep known for strength and speed. Clearly this one was not quick enough. There's no difference to the ox. Bland, soft rubber.

Things improve, flavour-wise, when the deer arrives. But the best is clearly the donkey penis. Slivered from the top half, it looks like a streak of bacon and carries the faint taste of pork.

Andrew Zimmern would be proud.

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