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August 1, 2008 2:30 PM

Don't Talk Trash To Steve Smith

This is a lesson that I thought most people would know by now.

Fred Smoot tried in 2005, and it didn't work out for him, as Smith went off for 201 yards.

The Bears tried before a 2006 playoff game, saying that Smith's Week 11 performance against them - 14 catches for 169 yards - was unimpressive, because he didn't get into the end zone and the Bears won the game. Um, mistake. Smith responded with 12 catches for 218 yards and 2 TD's as the Panthers destroyed the Bears.

Maybe the 5'9" star WR has a bit of a Napoleon complex. When he gets put down, he goes off. Smith also has quite the temper: Smith beat up teammate Anthony Bright during a film-room session in 2002. Presumably Bright was deriding his film watching abilities.

And today, Smith beat Ken Lucas's face in. If this happened because Ken Lucas was trash talking to Smith, clearly he should have known better. Smith had to be pulled off, and Lucas was carted off the field after the "fight." (And this post will now ensure that Steve Smith torches my fantasy team twice this year.)

At least Smith checked to make sure Lucas wasn't too hurt (or maybe he told him that's what he gets for crossing 89).

(H/T: The Sporting Blog)

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