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August 22, 2008 11:50 AM

Mr. Ed Hangs His Head In Shame

Perhaps lost in the excitement of the Olympics (oh, and that silly little age investigation by the IOC) was yesterday's news that not one, but four athletes were suspended from the Games for doping. Well, I should use the term "athlete" loosely -- because it was four horses that were busted.

Four horses in the Olympic equestrian team jumping competition, including one from Norway's bronze-medal team, have been provisionally suspended after testing positive for a banned pain reliever.

The drug test results — positive for capsaicin in each case — were announced Thursday afternoon by the sport's international governing body.

The horse Camiro, ridden by Tony Andre Hansen, was part of Norway's bronze-medal team, and the team could lose its medal. The other three horses are Ireland's Lantinus, ridden by Dennis Lynch; Brazil's Chupa Chup, ridden by Bernardo Alves; and Germany's Coster, ridden by Christian Ahlmann.

What happened to the simpler days, when some oats and hay was all a horse needed?

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