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August 4, 2008 4:45 PM

They Can Play, and They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

From the weekend:

Chris Cooley reports on the Redskins dress code, jeans are allowed and Coach Zorn likes it when guys wear jeans with dragons painted on the side of them.

Dwayne Bowe checks in, apparently he is nicknamed "The Show".

John Lackey is excited that Manny is out of the AL and that the Angels picked up Teixeira.

Swimmer Tara Kirk is disappointed that she wasn't put on the Olympic team after Jessica Hardy had to withdraw due to a positive drug test. Kirk finished third in trials, but the US team has decided to add no one, rather than take Kirk, who was next in line for the spot.


JJ Redick gives an interview, he doesn't really care for politics, but likes celebrity gossip.

Channing Frye writes about how there are a lot of crazy characters at 'KPW' but he fails to mention what the hell KPW stands for. (It's a festival called "Keep Portland Weird").

Chris Cooley gives his top 20 songs he listened to for the first week of preseason. Yes, Phil Collins!

Synchronized Swimmer Janet Culp has her bags packed and is ready to go to Beijing.

Eater Patrick Bertoletti puts up video from Jimmy Johns Freaky Fast Sub Takedown.

Annika Sorenstam checks in after her final British Open round ever.

Donte Whitner read an article that considers him a bust, doesn't really have much of a response, other than "watch me come game time".

Shannon Miller comments on the US men's gymnastic team and induction into the US Olympic Hall of Fame.

Thomas Williams goes over the Jags' routine. He also informs us that he is a fan of watching film.

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