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August 26, 2008 1:00 PM

Yao Ming On Suicide Watch?

Yao Ming might be 7’6, over 300 lbs, and rarely show an ounce of emotion...

But deep down inside, he’s a very sensitive guy:
“I look at these Games, now that they are over, and I wonder what is the next thing for myself, for my country, for all of us? We have spent so many years preparing for this event and now it is over. I have just played in the most important competition of my career. Is my life over?”

Rockets’ fans everywhere are scratching their heads. This is the same guy that questioned how Ron Artest would fit in Houston? The Rockets are paying you over $15 million a year, and you're telling them you've peaked? Maybe this is why your Rockets get eliminated in the first round every year. Yao continues to wax poetic:
“After (the) Lithuania game, I come back to my room and I feel my energy just go away. My body is empty. I have a couple minutes lying on the bed when I cannot even move. Not because I’m tired, but because mentally I feel really, really sad. These games I’ve prepared for almost my whole life and now they’re over.”

Yao added, "I'm now going to go to my room, listen to Death Cab For Cutie and brood over the government-imposed curfew. It's totally unfair! The US players get to stay out as late as they want! Nobody understands me!"

H/T: Sporting Blog

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