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September 5, 2008 6:00 PM

Baseball Is So Boring Even The Umps Don't Pay Attention

The best part about the NFL is that it is a 16-game season. Every single game is so important that even the smallest mistake can crush a team's spirits and end playoff aspirations. This is not the case in baseball.

To use an Olympics analogy, the NFL season is like the 100m sprint whereas the MLB season is the marathon. Quick, who won the 100m? Easy right? Usain Bolt. Now how bout the marathon? And that's why the NFL is America's favorite sport.

Baseball is so long and tedious even the umpires lose track of what's going on.

On Thursday, the Angels played the Tigers. Angels' rookie Sean Rodriguez stepped to the plate in the fourth inning and struck out. Just another tiny play in a 162-game season in which one at-bat means nothing...except Rodriguez struck out on a 4-2 count. From the Los Angeles Times:

Neither plate umpire Tim Welke nor Angels Manager Mike Scioscia noticed the mistake. At 2-2, Rodriguez said Welke asked Tigers catcher Brandon Inge what the count was.

"He said he thought it was 1-2, and I said I thought it was 1-2 also," Rodriguez said. "He thanked me for my honesty."

Welke had the scoreboard reset to 1-2, and instead of drawing a walk, Rodriguez struck out.

The Angels won the game 7-1, and are just a few days away from clinching their division, so this mistake hardly matters, but let's just say I'm glad that football, and it's live-or-die pressure put on every single play, is back this weekend.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Wansiru Samuel Kamau won the marathon.

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