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September 8, 2008 6:00 PM

Bernard Pollard, KneeDestroyer, Can Also Dance

Bernard Pollard may want to avoid the Northeastern part of the United States for some time: Tom Brady is officially out for the 2008 season. He was placed on injured reserve today; in typical Patriots' fashion, they still have not actually said what the injury is, but it is safe to assume the ACL is pretty much shredded.

Pollard's damage did not affect just Brady's knee, the Patriots' season, or a countless number of fans - it also hurt what was once thought to be off-limits: fantasy football. MSNBC's Darren Rovell points out that Brady's injury may cost owners $150 million in possible winnings.

Brady's incredible year last year, which included a record 50 touchdown passes, meant that about 50 percent of the people who drafted Brady last year won their leagues, Thomas said. With the Brady hype not bought by all, Thomas said that it was believed that about 30 percent of leagues this year would be won because of Brady.

With about $500 million in fantasy prizes on the line, that's a $150 million shift in dollars. And some think that's at the low end of the spectrum since the total value of office pools is tough to ascertain.

As Deadspin reminds us, if Pollard ever finds himself in a confrontation with a Pats fan, or worse, a disgruntled fantasy owner, maybe he can just challenge them to a dance-off.

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