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September 16, 2008 10:00 AM

Cheering Up UCLA

Sure, you guys just lost 59-0 against BYU on Saturday. Yeah, it was your worse loss since being shut out by the Trojans 76-0, in 1929. You gave up 521 total yards while turning the ball over four times.

You single-handedly made BYU's QB Max Hall a Heisman contender. You were held to single digits in rushing yards (9). And to top it all off, your "rivals," the USC Trojans, stomped Ohio State 35-3 to make them the clear-cut number one team in college football. But, despite all this, I have something that can cheer you up. You're not the biggest losers in the world.

About a week ago Bulgaria lost to Slovakia, 82-0. That's a pretty big blowout. It becomes even bigger when you know that this was in women's hockey.

And now there is video evidence of the debacle. Here's an edited clip of the first seven minutes, where Slovakia goes up 7-0.

There are two more videos you can watch at Yahoo!'s hockey blog, Puck Daddy.

So, there's something to shoot for UCLA. Maybe you can match that feat when you play USC in the season finale on December 6th.

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