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September 17, 2008 12:45 PM

Clinton Portis Beefs With Brian Mitchell

Very interesting interview on the John Thompson show in which Clinton Portis and Brian Mitchell go at it with each other essentially threatening to fight one another.

It appears it started because Portis is mad about something B-Mitch said about him. Portis was certainly the more aggressive of the two combatants (you can listen to the interview here).

The DC Sports Bog has its 13 favorite things from the interview. I'm not going to try to cover all 13 topics, or the entire wide range of crazy things said during the interview, but a few highlights: The very best parts include Clinton Portis referring to himself in third-person for most of the interview, tons of vernacular that I'm simply not cool enough to understand ("This is what I'm gonna tell you about Portis - Portis pocket's straight, my man, my pocket's gonna stay straight..."), and John Thompson trying to play peacemaker (the former Georgetown basketball coach threatened to take out his 'whupping stick' multiple times). He also busted out some other verbal gems that don't make any sense. The two best nuggets from John Thompson:

"Both of y'all are guys that we're both proud of, and when you see one another, sit down, eat a sausage sandwich, put your toes up and laugh about this crap."

"Brian Mitchell said before you came on this show, and I'm telling you this behind your back, that he respected the hell out of you for coming on the show..."

Only John Thompson has the skill to tell someone something right to his face, but behind his back at the same time.

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