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September 16, 2008 12:30 PM

Did Curt Schilling Put The Moves On Cindy McCain?

Curt Schilling makes no secret of his political allegiances. Over at his blog, 38Pitches, he often writes about his support of Sen. John McCain (most recently: "This man has done everything we are asking and looking for in our next President." But he also says things like "The first World of Warcraft Cinematic trailer set a bar that through today had been unmatched in my opinion," as he is an unapologetic WoW and massively multiplayer online game fan, so, take his opinion for what it's worth). But over the weekend, while attending NASCAR's Sylvania 300 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway with the GOP presidential hopeful and wife, Cindy McCain, Schilling may have crossed the line with his support of the Senator.

“We all got separated in this huge room with lots of people,” Mrs. [Schilling] told the Track. “I walked ahead with (racing legend) Richard Petty while Curt stopped to sign autographs.

“So when he started to walk away, he grabbed Cindy’s hand. She didn’t seem to mind and went along with it,” said Shonda, [Curt's wife]. “But when he realized what he was doing, he held up their hands and said, ‘Hey, Shonda, look at this!’ Suddenly, Richard grabbed my hand and I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m being taken care of.’ ”

Apparently, all Curt saw was “a blonde in a blue shirt,” said the formerly long-tressed baseball bride who, like Mrs. McCain, sported a long-sleeved navy blue “McCain/Palin” T-shirt.

Curt Schilling: All-Star pitcher, World Series MVP, First Lady-hopeful romancer.

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