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September 18, 2008 1:40 PM

Joey Porter Is Not Impressed With Matt Cassel

If you thought that an NFL player, clearly already past his prime, and 1-17 in his past 18 regular season games, would shy away from running his mouth about his next opponent, a team that has won 21 straight regular season games, then clearly you have never met Joey Porter before.

Porter, who was recently voted the NFL's second dirtiest player, and before a playoff game against the Colts in 2006 said, "They don't want to just call a play, get up there and run a play. They want to make you think. They want it to be a thinking game instead of a football game", is now voicing his thoughts on Sunday's game against the Patriots.

Specifically, Porter is letting it be known that Matt Cassel is no Tom Brady.

"I just know he's not a Tom Brady," Porter said. "So if it's not Tom Brady, it shouldn't be that hard...It'll be good to go out there and get our first victory."

Porter announced the Dolphins defense is going to come after Cassel.

"You treat him like you treat a backup," Porter said. "How do you prepare for a backup? He don't get that many snaps, right? So you throw the kitchen sink at him. That's what we're going to do."

"He's a guy we'll prepare for, but that was his first start since high school," Porter said. "So you can take all the reps you want to. This is a totally different game, a totally different league. He's only had one start in the NFL. Take that for what it's worth. He won it, but if you compare him to Brady, there's no comparison.

"You can say whatever you want to put with it. Those are just the facts. That's what it is. It means what it means."

Hopefully Cassel and the Patriots don't make Porter think too much. Then he'll get really mad.

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