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September 26, 2008 12:15 PM

Only Thing Benson Is Guilty of is Being a Bad Running Back

Remember when Cedric Benson was arrested for driving a boat under the influence? Well, on Thursday Benson was cleared of all charges.
"Cedric is grateful to all who have supported him,'' his attorney Sam Bassett said in a statement. "It was particularly difficult for him to lose the job that he loved with the Bears. He is eager to have an opportunity to again demonstrate that he is a quality running back who can contribute to a winning team. More importantly, he intends to demonstrate that he is worthy of being a positive role model in his community. He has learned much from this ordeal."
But don't feel too sorry for Benson: he was arrested just over a month later for driving his car under the influence, and that situation seemed much more straight forward than the boating incident.

Benson can blame the boating incident on his dismissal, but if he had been a productive back there's a much better chance the Bears would have stuck by him. I do hope Benson gets another chance in light of this news but unfortunately for him, the Cowboys already have two capable backs in Barber and Jones.

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