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September 26, 2008 4:35 PM

Steven Jackson Is Not Happy About Bulger Getting Benched

It's only Week 4, and already the St. Louis Rams are probably wishing the season was over.

Recently, it was announced that backup quarterback Trent Green would be starting in place of Marc Bulger. Apparently, a lot of the other Rams players were not happy about this, but refused to comment on it. Until Steven Jackson went on his "Rolling the Dice" radio show Thursday night and said that it was the "wrong decision."

"He's our general," said Jackson, who then pointed out that you don't pay someone "$60-something million" and then sit him on the bench.

Although he harbors no ill will against Trent Green, who replaces Bulger in the starting lineup Sunday against Buffalo, Jackson wondered aloud about what will happen when it's time for Bulger to return to the starting lineup?

Jackson intimated strongly that Bulger would be unwilling to do so.

Team sources did in fact tell the Post-Dispatch on Thursday that Bulger no longer wants to play for coach Scott Linehan. Bulger has declined comment for three consecutive days since his benching became public knowledge.

When asked by the radio show's host, Malcolm Briggs, if there were other Rams players who were against the benching, Jackson paused and replied, "I'm not the only one who feels this way." (emphasis mine)

The current lead-story's headline on the sports section at the St. Louis Dispatch pretty much says it all for the Rams this season: "What crazy move is next?"

Cheer up, Rams fans -- only 13 games left.

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