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September 16, 2008 2:00 PM

The Weird Weekend of Chris Cooley

A quick look at the box score would tell you that Washington Redskins' tight end Chris Cooley had a pretty average weekend for an NFL player: 5 receptions for 72 yards, and a win over the New Orleans Saints. After that, he probably followed along with his fantasy football team and watched the Steelers-Browns game. Oh, he also took the time to issue an official apology for posting a picture of his privates. Yep.

Cooley accidentally revealed more of himself than he wanted when he took a picture Sunday morning while preparing for the game against the New Orleans Saints. Cooley wanted to show the readers of his popular blog some of the study materials the players were given by coach Jim Zorn.

Cooley, however, was studying in the nude, and he didn't examine his photo closely before posting it.

"All apologies from the website. ... We did not want to offend anyone," Cooley said in a posting Monday afternoon after the photo was removed. "The picture wouldn't have been up for so long, but we were in the middle of winning a big game. Once again, this was a complete accident, and we regret not reviewing the post more closely."

The picture in question has been taken down (I'm guessing you can find it still if you really wanted), but Cooley may not be done feeling the repercussions from his photo faux pas.


As you can see from the (safe for work) picture, he blatantly showed the “Tight Ends Test” used to prepare for the Saints. That isn't sitting right with Coach Jim Zorn.
“My first thought is to just make a team-wide statement and talk about it,” said Zorn. “It’s not just Chris, anybody can do that, and we’ve just got to make sure that these guys are using [common sense].

“I think the rule of thumb that I’m going to have to contend with here is that if you have your own blog, and you’re putting photos or you’re even saying anything, that nothing really should be put in there that has Redskins playbook [on it]. That goes without saying. I think Chris used a little bit of poor discretion using that type of prop, if you will.”

So, yes: the AP has now done an official release on an NFL player who accidentally posted a picture of his male genitalia. On a blog.

Be warned, for the end of days may be upon us.

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