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September 25, 2008 5:00 PM

They Can Play and They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

Some athletes, not satisfied with being better at a specific skill-set than 99% of the world, choose to blog as well. This is a look at their latest efforts.

Mariners pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith gives his recipe for making the 2009 Mariners a contender.

Grizzlies PG Mike Conley says the Grizzlies pick up games have been very intense.

MMA fighter Frank Shamrock gives his take on Ken vs. Kimbo via video.

Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe wants you to tune into the Dustin and D-Bowe Show Thursdays at 7pm (don't know what time zone) on Dustin is punter, Dustin Colquitt.

Donovan McNabb thinks Ryan Howard should be NL MVP.

Chris Cooley wants you to know the "I Heart CC47" women's sweatpants are available in his store.

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