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September 3, 2008 1:35 PM

We Can Rebuild Him. We Have The Technology


It must be so exciting to get called up the major leagues, but for Steve Austin Koyie Hill, it was more like a miracle.

Hill, a catcher, was called up from Triple-A Iowa on Monday to join the Chicago Cubs. Nearly one year ago, Hill, who generally enjoys carpentry, was making a window frame for his house, using a table saw. During the process, a piece of wood got stuck in the saw, pulling Hill's hand in with it, severing his thumb and three of his fingers

The table saw he was using got stuck in the wood and managed to cut through his thumb, his pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger, leaving him bloodied and obviously in severe pain.

Hill was eventually taken to the emergency room, and a hand specialist was called upon to reattach the fingers.

While Hill was in spring training with the Cubs last spring, he made no mention of the injury and asked the Cubs not to reveal it. After months of rehab and the help of Iowa hitting coach Von Joshua, Hill said he was able to get used to the new hand, which he joked was “built” for baseball.

Hill's joke is not too far-off, though: "They had me hold a ball in my left hand to see where my ring finger was placed, so when they sewed my finger back on, it was fixed in that position," he said.

It's good to hear he's back, and he might be happy to know that he'll always have a brother-in-arms, Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. But maybe next time he'll pay attention a bit more when watching UHF.

H/T: AOL Fanhouse, picture courtesy The Sporting Blog

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