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October 10, 2008 2:25 PM

Cub Fan Gets What He Deserves

The Chicago Tribune brings us a tale from Chicago between two friends and neighbors. It started out as a friendly bet but turned into much more.

One neighbor is a Cubs fan and the other roots for the White Sox. On June 20th, the two teams started a three-game series and the Cubs fan told his neighbor the Cubbies would sweep the Sox (typical Cubs-fan bravado). The bet was simple: the loser would have to buy the winner dinner.

Sure enough, the Cubs swept and a dinner was bought. But the Cubs fan's appetite was for torturing his neighbor was not met. To add to his neighbor's misery, he snuck into his house and left a broom with a note that read, "This is just a reminder of who the real team in Chicago is." The White Sox fan did not immediately retaliate. He knew there would be a better chance to strike. He told his wife, "When the Cubs lose in the first round of the playoffs -- and you know they will because they're the Cubs -- when it's the most painful, that's when we retaliate."

The Sox fan knew what he was talking about, and when the Dodgers swept the Cubs, he put his plan in motion:

Sunday morning at the Cubs house. A battery-operated CD player with a timer went off at exactly 7:30. A bullhorn is attached to the CD player. The whole contraption is placed right outside the Cubs couple's bedroom. Blasting out of the bullhorn is a very loud and painfully slow version of "Go Cubs Go."




Ah, but the Sox husband couldn't leave it at that. No, as the Cubs husband sought the source of the noise, he ventured out to his front yard. There he found 100 lawn signs with nothing but a drawing of a billy goat stuck in the ground. Yes, 100 signs. For some reason, that number rings a bell.

All great stuff, but there was one more subtle detail that really is the coup de gras.: he changed the address to 1908. This Cubs fan might be so demoralized he'll either have to sell his fandom on eBay or become a hermit like Bartman.

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