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October 21, 2008 5:30 AM

Darius Miles Is No James Posey

The Boston Globe reports the Celtics have waived Darius Miles.

The Celtics signed Miles to a non-guaranteed contract on August 22nd, but even then it didn't seem likely he would make the team. Upon signing Miles, GM Danny Ainge said, "He's coming to training camp and he's going to try to prove that he can make the team. He has come in for a couple of workouts. He'll try to make the team somehow." That's not exactly a vote of confidence. But despite the Celtics' concerns, that didn't stop many people from think Miles would be a big contributor to the Celtics quest to repeat. From Marc J. Spears of The Boston Globe:

The Celtics have been looking for a replacement for James Posey. They might have found that player in Darius Miles.

You're going to compare Darius Miles to James Posey? Miles hasn't played a regular season game in over two years and hasn't played defense in...well, ever really. But I guess columnists need their angle and that was the sexiest one.

Being waived this early in the preseason gives Miles a chance of playing for another team. But the Trail Blazers have to hope that won't happen. If Miles plays 10 games during the regular season, then the Blazers are on the hook for $18 million for the remaining two years left on his contract. One thing that could deter teams from signing Miles is he has been suspended for 10 games for violating the league's anti-drug program.

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