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October 22, 2008 10:00 PM

Introducing the RCS NFL Scoop Counter

"I've got no problem going record for record. In fact I'd like to do that." – Jay Glazer

Yesterday, Glazer, the Fox Sports uber-reporter, suggested that a “score sheet” should be kept among the big-name NFL reporters. Ask and ye shall receive.

Without further ado, we introduce the RCS NFL Scoop Counter.

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The names Glazer, Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen and Michael Silver are all well known by the average NFL fan. These are the reporters that break the big stories throughout the season, from Brett Favre's signing with the Jets, to Lane Kiffin's firing. But who is the best at their job?

At RCS, we have decided to keep track of who gets the scoop, and then quantify the breaking stories to determine who is the Royalty of Reporting NFL news.

Whenever a newsworthy story is reported, we will give points to the person that broke it. The scale ranges from 1-3 points, with one awarded for a smaller scoop (i.e. injuries, signings) and three for a bigger story (i.e. trades, Herm Edwards showing good clock management). Think of it as the reporters competing for a gold, silver and bronze medal.

We are starting the count from the beginning of the season. So it does not include perhaps the biggest scoop from Glazer, Favre being traded to the Jets. We will constantly be updating the Scoop Counter and let you know who broke every major story, whether it was one of these main four reporters or not. You might look and see there are some stories not listed, such as Champ Bailey's injury that will sideline him for over a month, or Tony Gonzalez wanting to be traded. As far as injuries, often times they are simply released by the team and no one person got the scoop. And in instances like Gonzalez's, we will only award points when events actually take place and not on rumors or what a player wants.

Let the race begin.

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