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October 10, 2008 3:20 PM

It's The Rays Turn To Assume Victory

I just wrote about how dumb Red Sox fans were by prematurely creating a t-shirt already celebrating their eventual championship, but turns out the Tampa Bay Rays are no better. In fact, they are much, much worse.

That isn't from some Rays' blogger. That is an official major league baseball item.

It's one thing for some fan to create a shirt declaring victory, but for the Rays to do it themselves? It's even more understandable in Boston, where they have developed a reputation for domination, but this is the first year the Rays have won more than 70 games, and already they have this attitude? It seems to me they are trying to convince themselves they can win.

So, any curse might have brought upon the Red Sox is completely eliminated by the official Rays shirt. Either way, this will provide a great opportunity to get a highly ironic shirt. The only question is; which one will it be?

H/T: Home Run Derby

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