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October 6, 2008 11:50 AM

Kurt Warner Nearly Retired Last Week

As he was sitting on a bus leaving Giants Stadium last week, after he saw Anquan Boldin suffer what could have been a career-ending injury, Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner sent this text message to his wife, Brenda: "This is it. I can’t do this anymore. It’s time to retire."

“Something scary like that just makes you contemplate what’s really important and puts football in perspective,” Warner reflected after Sunday’s game. “It’s things like that make you say, ‘This game isn’t everything, and I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.’ Because the bottom line is that all I really want is to be able to go home to my wife and kids.”

Obviously, Warner changed his mind during the week, feeling better when he learned Boldin was going to recover, and led the Cardinals to a win over the Buffalo Bills yesterday, going 33-42 with 250 yards and two scores.

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