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October 2, 2008 2:25 PM

Mets Hope To Choke Away Late-Season Leads Through 2012

At least I assume that's their reasoning behind signing GM Omar Minaya to a contract extension, keeping him in New York through 2012.

Additionally, the Mets also inked Carlos Delgado to a new deal, but no word yet on manager Jerry Manuel.

Minaya called the option pickup "a formality."

"I'd like to be back. I think it's a great group of guys," Delgado told the AP last week. "At my stage, I don't want to be bouncing around any more than I have to."

Minaya also confirmed that the Mets are in negotiations with Jerry Manuel about continuing as manager. Manuel reportedly has been offered a two-year deal and Minaya expressed confidence that Manuel would ultimately decide to come back.

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