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October 17, 2008 10:10 AM

Nomination For Teacher Of The Year

Ed Summers is a math teacher at Bay Cove Academy in Boston. The school has kids from 13-18 years-old, whose "educational and social needs exceed those that traditional community schools can accommodate." But just being a teacher who deals with kids who need extra attention won't get you my nomination for teacher of the year. It's how Summers has chosen to teach his kids math that make him such a great educator. From the Wall Street Journal:
Mr. Summers was made the head math teacher after serving as the assistant for two years. He was now free to design his own curriculum and concoct a project for the kids that would keep them interested in math without seeming too gimmicky or corny.

Fantasy football seemed a natural fit. In August, he presented it to Principal Judy Gelfand. Initially a little skeptical, she has seen the results and now embraces the project.

I'm sorry...I'm gonna need a's just so beautiful.

Here's hoping that for Summers' next project, he will be teaching English, where the main assignment is reading Sports Illustrated, or Advanced Mathematics, in which the students look at Sabermetrics with guest lecturer Bill James.

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