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October 28, 2008 1:55 PM

RCS Top 10: Coaches' Tirades

Mike Singletary: Hall of Famer; one of the best linebackers ever; known for his intensity and ferociousness on the field, perhaps best illustrated by those eyes. And now, the longtime Chicago-great will also be associated with his first ever press conference as an NFL head coach, where in just a few minutes, he found himself a whole new place in sports history, joining the ranks of John Chaney, Mike Gundy and Herm Edwards.

Singletary's blow-up on Sunday prompted our latest effort here at RCS: the Top 10 Coaches' Tirades.

While all the classics are there: Mike Gundy ("I'm a man! I'm 40!"), Herm Edwards ("You play to win the game!") and Dan Hawkins ("It's Division I football!"), there are simply too many to be narrowed down to just ten.

One notable omission, as reader Wes points out, was Lee Elia's meltdown in 1983. You can listen to it here, but a warning: there's some very strong language in that one.

It remains to be seen where Singletary’s tirade will find itself in terms of historical significance, but it serves as a (loud) reminder of how easily a coach can get pushed over the edge and snap in a room full of unsuspecting reporters. In the high-stress world of pro sports, surely the next media meltdown is not far behind.

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