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October 16, 2008 3:00 AM

Romo Wants To Play With Broken Pinkie

And you thought there couldn't possibly be anymore drama in Dallas.

ESPN is reporting that Tony Romo says he's ready to play Sunday. After breaking his pinkie in overtime on Sunday, Romo was expected to miss four weeks, but after throwing with his pinkie in a sling Wednesday, he says he's ready to go. All of the collective Cowboys' drama might even surpass the Favre saga from over the summer. It's not like we've heard from him in awhile...

Brett Favre, who has started an NFL-record 258 consecutive regular-season games, told ESPN on Tuesday that he called Tony Romo and encouraged him to try to play.

"The only thing I said was, it's worth trying [to play] if you can deal with the pain and can function good enough with a splint,'' Favre said. "If not, don't try.''

The Cowboys say they are concerned Romo could get hit again and miss even more time. But a bigger concern could be Romo's propensity to fumble the ball. Even with a healthy pinkie, Romo has coughed up the ball a lot: in 32 starts, Romo has fumbled the ball 25 times. He already has eight fumbles this year and without the use of the pinkie, it will be even tougher for him to secure the ball. If Romo doesn't play, it will be 40-year-old Brad Johnson taking the reigns. How 'bout them Cowboys!

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