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October 28, 2008 2:55 PM

The World Series is Getting Messy

Game 5 of the World Series started with sloppy play in the rain, eventually became a delay and is now a postponement until Wednesday night (hopefully). Of course, the loser in all of this is baseball, which yet again looks like a poorly run organization.

This morning, Jeff Neuman presented his Five Questions for Major League Baseball, including, "Why do your most important games have to be played in the worst conditions?"

Baseball is The Summer Game. Yet the games that decide its championship are played at night in late October, when temperatures in the 40s or worse are the norm, not an exception. Baseball should not be played while wearing earflaps. The Fall Classic was originally held at the start of October, in daytime. I don’t expect the networks to give up prime-time games, but wouldn’t it make sense to shorten the season and end the Series a week or two earlier? It would lessen the chance of a weather-related debacle like game three of this year, which ended at 1:47 a.m. local time. Or is the timing of FOX’s promotion for November sweeps really more important than determining a proper champion?

Who's catching a lot of the blame for this? Bud Selig, of course. In his column this afternoon, Tim Joyce wrote Selig Finds Way to Screw Up Again, and argues that Game 5 should have never been played.
In no way is there any legitimate excuse for Commissioner Selig's (and the others in MLB) actions in forcing this game to have been played in the first place. Quite simply, it should have been postponed until Tuesday; and this decision could have been made as early as noon, eight hours before the game was to start.
At this point, Selig and baseball need to hope for a dramatic Game 7 ending to this World Series in an effort to save embarassment, and to avoid the 2008 Fall Classic forever being known as the "one with the rain postponement."

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