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October 13, 2008 4:50 PM

They Can Play and They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

Some athletes, not satisfied with being better at a specific skill-set than 99% of the world, choose to blog as well. This is a look at their latest efforts.

Dodgers OF Andre Ethier says the momentum has shifted in the NLCS.

Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli writes about taking down the Bears. He also got a chance to attend a Thrashers game as they hosted the Capitals, "football on ice" Ovie calls it.

WNBA star Diana Taurasi asks who has more classics, Jay-Z or Snoop?

Baron Davis has several updates - a call to find the best Clippers fan, his contest with Chris Bosh, and his idea to follow Chris Kaman around with a camera all day to make a reality show.

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