RCS Sidelines

October 15, 2008 4:10 PM

What To Watch: Wednesday

8pm ET - Fox - NLCS Game 5: Phillies at Dodgers - Dodgers' Chad Billingsley was roughed up in Game 2 against the Phillies, allowing 7 ER in just 2.1 IP, while the Phillies' Cole Hamels pitched very well in Game 1, giving up just two 2 ER in 7 IP. CLearly, this match up favors the Phillies winning, and advancing to the World Series.

8pm - ESPN - 2010 World Cup Qualifier: Trinidad & Tobago vs. United States - The US has already qualified, but Trinidad & Tobago needs a win to stay alive.

9pm - ESPN2 - NBA Preseason: Warriors at Bucks - The game is in China - how much do you think they will talk about how Bucks' rookie Joe Alexander is fluent in Mandarin?

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Disney Channel - Aladdin - Because this version of the Middle East is much more fun than the real one.

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