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November 14, 2008 4:40 PM

Meet The Next Coach Of The Lakers

Byron Scott, current coach of the Hornets, could be in line as the next coach of the Lakers. Scott grew up in Inglewood and played 11 seasons with the Lakers, winning three championships. He recently told the Los Angeles Times:

"I'm going to be honest, yeah, I thought about it a lot," Scott said. "That's home for me. That's an organization that will be embedded in my heart for the rest of my life."

Of course Scott appeased the Hornets’ faithful as well, saying, "I love the situation I'm in now," Scott said. "I love this team . . . so I don't see myself leaving those guys any time soon."

Scott won the NBA Coach of the Year last season, guiding the New Orleans Hornets to a 56-26 record, a 17-game improvement over the previous year. Scott’s contract is set to expire after the 2009-2010 season, the same year Phil Jackson’s will expire with the Lakers. Although, Jackson’s status for even next year is uncertain.

Jackson can opt out after this year and his medical issues could factor into his decision. Jackson has had both hips replaced and coaches from a special chair that helps alleviates his hip and back pains. It’s the constant plane rides and hotel rooms that wear on Jackson:

"Traveling is part of our job in this business," Jackson said. "You go out on the road . . . and that takes some effort and takes some energy. This conference is especially difficult for teams. When you're on the West Coast and you have to travel to New Orleans, Memphis, across the Mississippi and across two-thirds of the country and two time zones, it makes a big difference."
Byron Scott would be a great replacement for Phil Jackson. Scott has gotten so much out of the Hornets, and did before that with the Nets. He is one of the most under-appreciated coaches in the NBA. As a Lakers fan-favorite, Scott would be embraced if he chooses to come back home to coach.

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