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November 5, 2008 1:30 PM

Michael Irvin's Thoughts On Obama's Election

In an election as important and historical as this one, everyone is offering their thoughts and opinions, and sports stars are no exception. Late last night, Curt Schilling wrote an open-minded reaction in his blog, 38 Pitches; Chris Bosh posted a video with his thoughts, calling it a "huge moment in the history of the world..."; and then this morning, one of the more eloquent reactions came from...Michael Irvin?

The former Cowboys' receiver appeared on ESPN's Mike and Mike radio show this morning, and had this to say.

"What a historical moment that was last night. ... From an African-American standpoint, I watched my people -- watched my people -- celebrate the not guilty verdict of O.J. Simpson. They were so hungry for a victory of some kind that they celebrated -- we celebrated -- the verdict of O.J. And I was thinking to myself, 'Two people are dead. Two people are dead' Now, I'm not talking about my people, I'm explaining them here. They were just so hungry to say 'We have a victory.' And I cringe when I even think about that.

"But last night I watched a celebration. A real celebration. A real celebration, and it was a celebration for everybody, and everybody celebrated, and they kept showing this shot, and I was watching, of this little black girl and this little white girl, just sitting there crying together, and I thought, wow. I thought about Martin Luther King and his 'I Have a Dream' speech, and I thought about him saying, black kids and white kids playing together. ...

"Last night we removed all differences and became just one, and I thought that was a beautiful thing. It was just a beautiful thing. I stood here with my kids, we watched it and we cried and we prayed."

Well said, regardless of any political affiliations.

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