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November 5, 2008 11:10 AM

RCS Exclusive: How to Save the BCS

It's no secret that the current national championship system in college football, the Bowl Championship Series, is flawed and generally disliked. Most opponents call for an eight-team playoff system - anything, really, to do away with the current system. But what if the BCS can be saved?

Hugh Falk, founder and editor of Pollspeak, the college sports poll watchdog and news site, argues that it can still be fixed.

Falk, in a two-part series titled How to Save the BCS, points out that yes, improvements need to be made, but it's still not too late, as long as the BCS can recognize its current flaws, and then improve upon them.

In Part I, Falk identifies the first two problems: the BCS Is Still in Start-Up Mode and It Doesn’t Appreciate Its Own Power; while in Part II, he identifies the final two flaws: the BCS Lacks Security and the Secret Ballots Breed Distrust.

Falk argues that if those four major flaws were corrected, it "would strengthen the already mighty 'event.'” But don't think he is simply ranting against the BCS; he's not. "The BCS isn’t bad ... With the BCS, every game counts ... not just every game for your alma-matter, but every game played by a Division I-A team. When the BCS fully embraces its significance to college football and fixes its flaws, we can all go back to concentrating on just the games."

With six FBS teams in the AP Top 25 currently still undefeated, and another six with just one loss, those changes may need to come sooner rather than later.

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