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November 11, 2008 11:00 PM

The Future Of Televised Sports

Flying cars, meals in pill-form, and 3D television have been visions of the future for decades. It looks like one of these might finally come to fruition. Fox Sports CEO David Hill had this to say to The Australian Business:
"The big (plasma) screens have made a huge difference to television viewing habits, no doubt…Maybe if HD (high definition) had not come along, the internet might have taken over but I don't think HD is necessarily going to save television. I have always thought that HD is just a stepping stone to 3D… 3D will change everything and it is not that far away from being reality."
Hill thinks it could save boxing: “We did a very ordinary bout from one of the Indian casinos (in California) and it was unbelievable. You are right in there in the ring with these guys."

Philips electronics thinks it could have a 3D TV within a couple years. We were just introduced to holograms on CNN and now 3D TV? I can't wait to watch movies about flying cars in 3D.

H/T: Mouthpiece Sports

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