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November 26, 2008 7:30 PM

The Warriors Could’ve Made Another Signing Mistake

This summer the Warriors signed Monta Ellis to a six-year, $66 million dollar deal. The young guard had shown great strides the previous season with his speed being his biggest attribute. But it was his low-speed accident on a moped that has sidelined Ellis for the first few months of the season. The Warriors could have voided his contract but instead suspended him for the first 30 games of this season for violating his contract and originally lying about the accident.

At 5-9 the Warriors aren’t exactly tearing it up in the West and having their best player injured doesn’t help but it could have been much worse for the Warriors. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Gilbert Arenas who started his career in Golden State was close to signing with the Warriors this summer:

"I was close to going back," Arenas said. "If (the Wizards) would have flinched any, I would have gone back to Golden State. ... My injury, they felt like they didn't have to throw any money at me because there was nobody there. And then they found out (Baron Davis) opted out and realized (the Warriors) were still looking at me.

Agent Zero has played exactly that many games for the Wizards this season and is targeting a January 1st return. And to think the Warriors could have had him AND Monta Ellis making nearly $30 million this year while not playing. Of course, had they signed Arenas they might not have re-signed Ellis but who knows. Basically though, it looks like the Warriors dodged this former Bullet.

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