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November 5, 2008 2:00 PM

Titans Top RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages

nfl%20ranks10.jpgThe RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages combine nine other sites' power rankings to make the most balanced and unbiased grade possible, and to offer the most accurate look at the state of the NFL on a weekly basis.

The Titans remain the #1 team in the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages. The Titans garnered 8 of 9 first place rankings, with Covers putting the Giants #1.

The top ten sees three editions this week with the Cardinals (13th to 8th), the Bears (11th to 9th) and the Packers, who rose from 12th to 10th despite losing to the Titans in overtime. Falling out of the top ten this week is the Bills (6th to 11th), the Cowboys (9th to 17th) and the Patriots (10th to 12th). The Cowboys experienced the biggest drop in ranking this week. The teams jumping-up the most spots were the Cardinals and Colts (19th to 14th).

The NFL rankings are as confused as ever with the Patriots, Falcons, Colts, Ravens, Jets, Saints, Chargers, and Jaguars all having a range of at least 10 spots between their highest and lowest ranking. To get an idea at just how unpredictable the NFL season has been, just look at the power rankings before Week 1. Seven of the preseason top ten are no longer in the top ten, and all of the top five have dropped below 10th.

It is safe to say that the AFC is no longer the dominate conference. Only two of the top ten teams, and nine of the bottom 13, reside in the AFC. The NFC East is still the most dominant division, with teams ranked 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 17th. The AFC West is now officially the worst division in football, surpassing the NFC West in ineptitude. The AFC West is home to the 21st, 22nd, 30th, and 31st worst ranked teams in the NFL.

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