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November 19, 2008 5:00 PM

What To Watch: Wednesday

4:30pm - ESPN2 - Greece vs. Italy - Read a preview by someone who knows much more than I do.

7pm - ESPN2 - #17 Ball State @ Central Michigan - Ball State looks to win their 11th game for the first time in team history. But if they lose it will cost them the lead in the MAC. Jason Whitlock and David Letterman will be intensely watching.

8pm - ESPN - Mavericks @ Rockets - The Rockets are like some Shakespearean tragedy. Of course McGrady and Yao would get injured, but Artest? All three stars were injured Monday night but none seem serious. It's unclear who will play tonight for the Rockets.

10pm - ESPN2 - 2010 World Cup Qualifier: Guatemala vs. United States - US has already qualified but they still have reasons to compete.

10:30pm - ESPN - Bulls @ Trail Blazers - There's a good chance one of these teams will have the rookie of the year. Derrick Rose has been phenomenal for the Bulls and the Rudy Fernandez has been great for the Blazers and we still can't count out Greg Oden.

Non-sports pick - 9pm - Fuse - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - San Dimas High School football rules!

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