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November 14, 2008 5:30 PM

What To Watch: Weekend Edition


8pm ET - ESPN – NBA: Nuggets at Celtics - No one talks about Paul Pierce as the best player in the NBA. They better start soon.

8pm - ESPN2 – NCAA Football: #22 Cincinnati at Louisville - Louisville has dominated this match up in recent years but they lost to Syracuse this year. SYRACUSE!

10:30pm - ESPN – NBA: Pistons at Lakers - The Lakers are the remaining undefeated team and people are beginning to talk about 70 wins. The Pistons are still trying to figure out how to play with Iverson.

Non-sports pick - CBS - 11:30pm - Late Show With David Letterman - I'm interested to hear Bill Cosby's take on the election and how he can possibly work Jell-O pudding into that conversation.


12pm - ESPN – NCAA Football: #11 Ohio State at Illinois - Ohio State needs to win to keep their BCS hopes alive. The rest of the world wishes for them to lose so we don't need to watch them get pummeled in another bowl game.

12pm - CBS – NCAA Football: Navy at Notre Dame - Navy is 1-43 in its past 44 games against Notre Dame. Charlie Weis better not lose this one.

3:30pm - CBS – NCAA Football: #25 South Carolina at #4 Florida - This is the only match up of two top-25 teams, but no one is giving South Carolina a chance. Florida has been playing like a championship team as of late. They just hope they can get a chance to prove that.

3:30pm - ABC/ESPN – NCAA Football: California at Oregon StateOregon State is looking to keep USC out of the Rose Bowl by winning out and claiming the PAC-10.

OR #16 North Carolina at Maryland - The ACC is a bit of a mess right now. This game will begin to sort things out.

OR Minnesota at Wisconsin - Wisconsin just looks to stay above .500 and get bowl eligibility.

7:45pm - ESPN – NCAA Football: Mississippi State at #1 Alabama - Mississippi State beat Alabama last season, but this ‘Bama team is much better and they're playing for a spot in the championship game.

8pm – NCAA Football: Boston College at #19 Florida State - Florida State is averaging over 200 rushing yards per contest, but BC has held opponents to just over 100 per game.

Non-sports pick - NBC - Saturday Night Live - The under-appreciated Paul Rudd is the host. It seems like SNL has been picking some good hosts recently, with the exception of Michael Phelps.


1pm - CBS - NFL - Check your local listings.

1pm - Fox – NFL - Check the map.

4pm - CBS - NFL - Are you a red state or blue state?

8:15pm - NBC – NFL: Cowboys at Redskins - Romo returns! I hope he can play linebacker and cornerback as well.

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Discovery Channel - Ten Commandments Of The Mafia - In these tough economic times, you might have to turn to them, so it could be beneficial to learn their rules.

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